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Commissioning, Maintenance, design and instalation of plant production lines, machines, motor drives, HVAC and smart building systems. 
Design, instalation and maintenance of professional and industry comunication and network systems.


-Wireless Industrial radio remote control

We design, manufacture and market remote control solutions for industrial use.
Tele Radio products are one of the worlds most robust and
customizable remote control solutions.

– Import, commisioning and service for professional genset solutions from Arken generators

Arken generator factory produces generators from 5 kV to 2500 kVA, has a capacity of manufacturing 5000¬†Diesel Generator per year, and it uses today’s modern tools in all processes from supplier selection to manufacturing, and from product development to quality standards


-Maintenance and commissioning of:

  • Wood plant and¬†wood processing machines
  • Concrete production lines
  • Asphalt production lines
  • Water pump systems
  • Industrial electronic, PLC and computer chip level repairs
  • Chip level repair of electronic devices and modules
  • Car and Construction machines ECU and controllers repair
  • Design and installation of wireless remote and controllers for elevators and cranes
  • Telecommunication equipment repair
  • Professional power supply repairs

Podgorica, Montenegro

+382 69 777 518